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At BIP, we believe that business is personal. And this event focuses on personal connections – even more than most physical conferences would.

We feel that this is an incredibly important time for change and growth, and we want to help people pivot, grow, and adapt without the feeling of being overwhelmed or pressured to keep up with others in the business world.

We believe that the ability to adapt, maintain an open mind, and seek out solutions will lead to the most fantastic future for everyone. This is the time to design and live the life and business you want to lead. We look forward to helping you on this journey.

Who's behind this summit?

BIPers are united by the desire to expand their network and help business owners achieve their goals. 

That’s why over 30 members of BIP100 joined forces and host this virtual summit. 

To teach. To elevate. To connect. 

Meet Penny & Thomas, the founders of BIP

Penny and Thomas

Hi, we’re Penny and Thomas Power and we have a passion for business and a love for people.

BIP100 exists to support experts and small business owners who would like to belong to a smaller community and grow their skills and confidence so they can build a stronger business with more predictability and enjoyment.

We want to provide a safe space for emotional support whilst connecting people to the right experts across all aspects of the business to ensure everyone is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to progress their business forward.

We know what it’s like to experience the extreme highs and lows of business, and we understand how important it is to lead a business that makes you feel like you’re achieving your own version of success.

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