Go Behind The Scenes With 30+ Business Owners And Get New Perspectives On "Business Success"

At BIP, we believe that business is personal. And this event focuses on personal connections – even more than most physical conferences would.

We feel that this is an incredibly important time for change and growth, and we want to help people pivot, grow, and adapt without the feeling of being overwhelmed or pressured to keep up with others in the business world.

We believe that the ability to adapt, maintain an open mind, and seek out solutions will lead to the most fantastic future for everyone. This is the time to design and live the life and business you want to lead. We look forward to helping you on this journey.

Who's behind this summit?

BIPers are united by the desire to expand their network and help business owners achieve their goals. 

That’s why over 30 members of BIP100 joined forces and host this virtual summit. 

To teach. To elevate. To connect. 

Day 1 – Business

10/19/2022 2:00 pm

The Power Of Community

Community is a word that has been used for thousands of years. Now, however, it is very important in business. Networking has been taken to an extreme, with broadcast techniques being adopted and very little deep engagement that provides a sense of belonging or self worth. In this session we will explore why community is important for you and for your business

2 PM - 2:30 PM https://bipsummit.com/speaker/penny-power-obe/

Thought Leadership in a Digital World

3 PM - 3:30 PM https://bipsummit.com/speaker/mindy-gibbins-klein/

Crafting Your Signature Speech

How to Develop, Pitch and Leverage your Business Value Proposition.

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM https://bipsummit.com/speaker/michael-don-smith/

Freedom Workshop - Increase Your Business Value

How to take the first steps to freedom if you know most of your clients or are your best salesperson. YOU STARTED YOUR BUSINESS FOR THE FREEDOM …That comes with running your own company. The freedom to earn what you deserve, and to work for whoever you want, when you want, and from wherever you want. The challenge is that for many business owners the dream remains elusive. In fact, you may feel trapped in your business because: - you know more than anyone else in your company about your industry; - your customers ask to deal with you personally; - you are involved in the building or creating of what you sell; - and you are your company's best salesperson. This Freedom Workshop is an interactive, sleeves-rolled-up session, dedicated to getting you back on track to gaining the freedom you deserve as a business owner. You'll learn: - The eight factors that drive the value of your business; - Nine strategies to transition from being your company’s ‘Rainmaker’ (top revenue generator); - How personally ready you are to exit your business with no regrets (75% have regrets after 1 year); You'll Receive: - A personalized Freedom Readiness Report (8-minute questionnaire completed beforehand); - The Rainmaker’s Dilemma eBook; - The offer of a limited number of complimentary Value Builder Reports, showing you how attractive your business would be to potential buyers if you tried to sell it today and how to improve it.

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM https://bipsummit.com/speaker/jeff-gosling/

1 Page Strategy - 7 Ways to Grow Your B2B Business During Challenging Times Without Working Longer Hours or Spending More on Advertising

- How to grow profit using systems without working longer hours and spending a fortune on advertising? - How business owners can avoid the trap of working more than they want and earning less than they should?

6:00 PM - 6:30 PM https://bipsummit.com/speaker/marcin-marczak/

10 Steps to Running Your Business on Salesforce.com

Learn to manage your business processes effectively using Salesforce

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM https://bipsummit.com/speaker/dylan-gray/

Disrupt Your Marketing With An App

Join Chris to learn about the impact an app can have on your business.

7:30 PM - 8:00 PM https://bipsummit.com/speaker/chris-ohare/

Day 2 – Self-Awareness

10/20/2022 3:00 pm

Warning - Improving Your Mindset Can Seriously Improve Your Wealth

Your relationship with money, not only impacts your bank account but affects every aspect of your business. Understanding that relationship and identifying areas for improvement will lead to a significantly improved bottom line and many other quantifiable benefits.

3 PM - 3:30 PM https://bipsummit.com/speaker/lesley-thomas/

3 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

How to achieve financial freedom and reduce the pressure

3:30 PM - 4:00 PM https://bipsummit.com/speaker/owen-o-malley/

Leadership Starts With Self-Awareness

4 PM - 4:30 PM https://bipsummit.com/speaker/christian-espinosa/

Pay Attention To Your Attention

Don't manage your time, manage your attention! Your brain is your most precious resource. It helps you solve problems, come up with new ideas, work through difficult situations. Often we think of our brain like a computer. It is very different and learning to manage our brain to perform at our best, to feel at our best and enjoy life. In this workshop we look at ways how you can - learn to focus to get deep work done - limit the attraction distraction - truly rest and re-energise Learn to manage your attention to work smarter and live better

5:00 PM - 5:30 PM https://bipsummit.com/speaker/jane-piper/

Living On Purpose

Are you living your purpose at the deepest level? Are you committed to delivering an inspired and impactful life? Do you believe you can fulfill your potential in this lifetime? In order to be truly motivated, we need to know and understand the following; there is only one thing human beings want in our lives and that is to experience our deepest feelings, to feel a strong sense of security, excitement, self-worth, connection, growth and giving to others. To live with clarity and power, it is important to realise our emotions; what Is missing for us, and what we have in abundance. Purpose-led exercises help both us and others to experience more of what we want.

6 PM - 7:00 PM https://bipsummit.com/speaker/craig-goldblatt/

Day 3 – Leadership

10/21/2022 3:00 pm

Live And Lead From Your CORE

In this session, both seasoned and emerging leaders will be inspired, challenged, and equipped to overcome self-sabotage in their leadership, know what they stand for, build moral character, hone their leadership philosophy, and achieve personal mastery so they can lead more purposefully, more authentically, more courageously, and more effectively than they ever thought possible.

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM https://bipsummit.com/speaker/obi-abuchi/

Mental Wellbeing In The Workplace

Interview with Jane Piper

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM https://bipsummit.com/speaker/jane-piper/

How to Prevent Back Pain, Unlock Productivity, and Stay HSE DSE Compliant Through Science-Based Ergonomics Solutions, Enabling You and Your Team to Deliver Your Best Work

Support your employees to survive and thrive in our new remote-first, hybrid world.

5:00 PM - 5:30 PM https://bipsummit.com/speaker/nichola-adams/

Journey To Your Genius

Everything you ever needed to have everything you ever wanted has been with you since your very first breath. Come find out how your: Genius can be Awakened Ignited Activated

5:30 PM - 6:00 PM https://bipsummit.com/speaker/gaia-ferreira/

7 Steps To Improve Leadership Of Self And Others

Are you leading your best life? Leadership starts with leading you. In this discussion, we go over the 7-Step Secure Methodology. The Secure Methodology is designed to shift you from hesitation, ambiguity, and friction to confidence, clarity, and cohesion. Learning Objectives: - Identify habits & break them using NLP to reprogram your mind - Embrace uncertainty and new challenges with a growth-mindset - Improve influence through self-acknowledgment and acknowledgment of others - Communicate effectively to obtain your desired result - Increase productivity and presence with monotasking - Apply cognitive empathy to improve leadership - Apply root cause analysis for continuous improvement

6:00 PM - 6:30 PM https://bipsummit.com/speaker/christian-espinosa/

Avoid Burnout Through Meaningful Connections

Two years post-Covid and hybrid teams have become the norm for many employers - big and small - around the world. Flexible workspaces are here to stay, so how can we best accompany teams so their needs are met and they thrive? Even with the best of intentions and company purpose, implementation is often the place where we stall, where curveballs are thrown and challenges encountered head on. The good news is there is a way to turn teams around: Team members are energized, accountability is owned and collective spirit is tapped into. Come and join me to discover how you can transform your tired team into becoming a highly engaged and thriving team, thereby giving you and your company a competitive advantage.

6:30 PM - 7:00 PM https://bipsummit.com/speaker/deborah-abbott/

Customer Driven Leadership

Customer Driven Leadership is a servant leadership and entrepreneurial problem-solving organizational model that synergistically brings people together around the vision and values of providing an unmatched customer experience.

07:00 PM - 08:00 PM https://bipsummit.com/speaker/daniel-hammond/

Why Should You Attend?

BIP members had to relocate hundreds of staff due to the Ukraine conflict. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies on leadership challenges. Just like most businesses, we’re dealing with and overcoming business and personal troubles.

We speak about how we do this and help each other along the way. And we’d like to share this journey with you.

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